Counseling Christians for Mental, Emotional, & Spiritual Health

Counsel Christians and others with a simple, easy to learn, but powerful model. Using the model will help you get at the heart of mental, emotional, and spiritual problems and self-sabotaging behaviors that prevent Christians from experiencing deeply painful emotions and severely dysfunctional behaviors. Learn how to move away from depression, anxiety, hurt, rage, addictive behaviors, procrastination, and avoidance. Learn how to use simple interventions built on traditional Christian practices and biblical thinking to give yourself and others greater freedom in life and deeper joy. No book can replace working with an experienced licensed Christians mental health professional, but it may help you gain further insights into yourself that many find very helpful.

The author is an experienced psychotherapist who is the Vice President of the famous Albert Ellis Institute in New York City, He is also a Fellow, Approved Supervisor, and Diplomate in CBT/REBT with years of experience in helping Christian clients in ways that support Christian values and practices.

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