How to Make a Success of Your Marriage: Psychological, Spiritual, and Emotional Guidance for a Long-Lasting Marriage without Counseling

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It Is All His Fault!
But I Married Too Young…
Criticism and Contempt
Escalation of the Situation
The Silent Treatment
Do NOT Bring Me Flowers Anymore
The Importance of Physical Intimacy in a Successful Marriage
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All these years happily married and still going strong…

Once while I was training under a psychologist, she told me that in her particular country, nobody had ever heard of marriage counseling, because the option of divorce, a couple splitting up was unheard of, in their culture, traditions, and upbringing.
For them, marriage was a once-in-a-lifetime proposition, to be ended only after “till death do us part.” And even then, many partners did not marry again, because they still considered themselves married to their spouses, even after becoming a widow or widower.

I also have been brought up in such a supposedly old-fashioned milieu, and society, naturally thanks to our upbringing, culture, and one may almost say old-fashioned traditions, for every one of us, marriage is once and forever, and never ever to be broken up under any circumstances.

So it was with great surprise, that I began to see the trend of divorces gaining popularity, because that had become a modern fashionable option, and if so many people in the West were doing it, this was of course the best way of getting out of a partnership which one had begun considering to be a bit of a drag, and look for more exciting options elsewhere.

Sadly enough, you are going to be surprised to know that statistics say that 27% of married American men are going to have an extramarital affair, just because it happened and they could not control it.

Isn’t it interesting to know that just three generations ago, their own grandparents considered extramarital affairs to be a thing of shame, not a thing of which a virtuous responsible father or husband did, and faithfulness was a part of his principles, upbringing, tradition, and culture.

He believed in his marriage vows. And so did his wife. And using him as an example, his children followed in his steps.
But then suddenly in the 70s, 80s, and 90s, it began to be fashionable to divorce and marry again, not understanding about the emotional, psychological, spiritual, physical, and mental trauma this would have on all the members of the family, parents, and children.

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How To Make A Success Of Your Marriage Psychological Spiritual And Emotional Guidance For A Long Lasting Marriage Without Counseling

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