Make Better Decisions More Often: 30 Minute Reads

You’re half an hour away from never making a bad decision again!

Why not use your next spare half an hour to skill-up? Each of these short e-books can be read in just 30 minutes. Addressing those painful work problems, and giving practical tools and expert advice to overcome them, the 30 Minute Reads series will make your work-life more productive, less painful and more successful!

Decision making not your strong suit? Fed up of thinking ‘I should have chosen the other candidate/strategy/sandwich’? This succinct, practical guide will teach you how to properly weigh up all the information and make well thought out decisions more quickly.

Also available in a digital bundle with 4 other titles as part of 30 Minute Reads: The business skills collection.

Make Better Decisions More Often will help you: Identify the problem and what isn’t working Discover the 10 Big Strategies Put in place your super-structured, super-easy, 5-day count-down plan to no more pain.

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Make Better Decisions More Often 30 Minute Reads

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