Never Be Wrong Again: Four Steps to Making Better Decisions in Work and Life

How do you go about making important decisions? Do you go with your gut reaction? Do you make Pro vs. Con lists? Do you consider all options then choose the best one? Considering all options and choosing the best one is the definition of good decision making, but it is not a method for how to make good decisions.
Maximize your chances to get what you want by making the right decision, every time. Never Be Wrong Again combines over ten years of research with decades of experience in a reader-friendly guide to making better decisions more efficiently. Accomplished business executive, lawyer and bestselling author Michael Costa details a four-point framework for successful decision making that gives readers a proven formula to improve decision-making skills and results immediately.

Costa’s real-life experience as a businessman, consultant and advisor to some of the world’s most renowned financial institutions and multinational corporations provided the author a rare look into how and why businesses and people succeed or fail as a result of their decisions. From here, he set out to create a practical formula that would eliminate guesswork and help counter hidden forces that often derail good decision making.
Never Be Wrong Again presents actual experiences, advice, concrete examples and applicable steps for making the best decision every time. After reading the book you will recognize why the recent financial crisis was very predictable. Why someone you know married the wrong person and why you knew it at the time but they didn’t. Why tens of billions of dollars are written-off each year by large corporations because of failed acquisitions.

You will also understand:
· To recognize that intelligence and expertise are not the same
· When to challenge the status quo
· How to balance gut reactions with analytical thinking
· How to determine acceptable vs. unacceptable risk
· The need to stress test underlying assumptions
· How to spot patterns and predict outcomes
· How to distinguish correlation, relevance and causation
· How to make better decisions consistently

Use the practical, four-point framework in Never Be Wrong Again to maximize your chances to get the results you want and make the right decision, every time.

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Never Be Wrong Again Four Steps To Making Better Decisions In Work And Life

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