Wisdom for Marriage: Before You Say, “I Do!”

Marriage is an institution that should not be taken lightly. If two people truly love each other, it would be wise to get sound counsel before committing to a decision that God has ordained until both partners cease to exist on this side of eternity. 

In this book, Pastor Wells gives sound, biblical, and practical insights to help a couple explore what they are really getting into before they say, “I do.” Wells and his wife, Aurora, have been married for over fifteen years. In their journey they have discovered some vital keys that premarital counseling can address if a couple submits themselves to the counseling process. 

Marriage can be a wonderful experience, but there must be thought put into it beyond the eros love that normally draws two people to one another. This book is a helpful tool for pre-marital counseling or as a joint-reader for couples desiring to be married. God bless you, and may he lead you to the marriage of your dreams.

Hilton Wells is an apostolic and prophetic voice to this generation. His message of faith, discipleship, love and ecclesiastical unity is pivotal to the end-time work of the Holy Spirit in the earth today. He is the pastor of Rivers of Living Water Church in DeRidder, Louisiana, the founder of Rivers of Living Water Church, Alexandria, Louisiana and the host of Discipleship Now, a radio broadcast that reaches eighty percent of the state of Louisiana. Pastor Wells is a graduate of New Orleans Baptist Theological seminary with a Master’s of Arts degree in missiology. He is married to the lovely Aurora Wells and has two amazing children, Ariel and Isaiah.

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