Psychopath Free (Expanded Edition)

A significantly expanded edition of Psychopath Free—containing new chapters, updated content, and real survivor experiences.  Have you ever been in a relationship with a psychopath? Chances are, even if you did, you would never know it. Psychopaths are cunning charmers and master manipulators, to the point where you start to accept the most extreme behaviors as […]

Business Intelligence

This book is about using business intelligence as a management information system for supporting managerial decision making. It concentrates primarily on practical business issues and demonstrates how to apply data warehousing and data analytics to support business decision making. This book progresses through a logical sequence, starting with data model infrastructure, then data preparation, followed […]

Twice-Exceptional Gifted Children

Gifted students with disabilities, also referred to as twice-exceptional children, need the strategies in Twice-Exceptional Gifted Children: Understanding, Teaching, and Counseling Gifted Students in order to find success in the regular classroom. By offering a thorough discussion of twice-exceptional students based on research into how gifted students with disabilities learn, the author helps teachers and […]

Judgment Day

This book demonstrates how, after many years of inactivity after the World War II tribunals, judges at the Yugoslav, Rwanda and Sierra Leone tribunals, and to a lesser extent the International Criminal Court, have seized the opportunity to develop international law on war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide. Meernik and Aloisi argue that judges […]

F*ck Feelings

New York Times Bestseller The only self-help book you’ll ever need, from a psychiatrist and his comedy writer daughter, who will help you put aside your unrealistic wishes, stop trying to change things you can’t change, and do the best with what you can control—the first steps to managing all of life’s impossible problems. Here […]

Patent Valuation

A practical resource for valuing patents that is accessible to the complete spectrum of decision makers in the patent process In today’s economy, patents tend to be the most important of the intellectual property (IP) assets. It is often the ability to create, manage, defend, and extract value from patents that can distinguish competitive success […]