Metacognitive Approach to Social Skills Training – Revised (MASST-R)

In MASST-R, students are taught to evaluate social situations and generate their own behavioral choices, rather than to try to fit a few models of appropriate social behaviors to every social situation. Lessons provide opportunities to learn from observations and to practice new skills outside the training situation leading to generalization of skills. Students learn […]

A Common Struggle

**A New York Times Bestseller** Patrick J. Kennedy, the former congressman and youngest child of Senator Ted Kennedy, details his personal and political battle with mental illness and addiction, exploring mental health care’s history in the country alongside his and every family’s private struggles. On May 5, 2006, the New York Times ran two stories, […]

Straight Answers to the 20 Questions Building Contractors Hope You’ll Never Ask

Q: What’s the best measure of a construction company? A: A straight answer. But the next question is, how can you make sure you’re getting straight answers when you’re interviewing contractors for a building project? After all, the selection process is so complicated that it’s easy for even the most sophisticated, experienced decision-maker to have […]

Bullying in Schools: School Counselors’ Responses to Three Types of Bullying Incidents (Report)

School counselors responded to an Internet survey containing vignettes describing physical, verbal, and relational bullying. Respondents rated relational bullying the least serious of the three types, they had the least empathy for victims of relational bullying, and they were least likely to intervene in relational bullying incidents. Counselors with anti-bullying training rated relational bullying as […]

The Road Back to You

Foreword INDIES 2016 Book of the Year Awards Finalist Ignorance is bliss—except in self-awareness. What you don’t know about yourself can hurt you and your relationships—and even keep you in the shallows with God. Do you want help figuring out who you are and why you’re stuck in the same ruts? The Enneagram is an […]

Slave Owners of West Africa

In this groundbreaking book, Sandra E. Greene explores the lives of three prominent West African slave owners during the age of abolition. These first-published biographies reveal personal and political accomplishments and concerns, economic interests, religious beliefs, and responses to colonial rule in an attempt to understand why the subjects reacted to the demise of slavery […]

Who Sees the School Counselor for College Information? A National Study (Report)

Using the 2002 Educational Longitudinal Study database, a national survey conducted by the National Center of Education Statistics, the authors investigated the characteristics of students who seek out professional school counselors in order to receive college information. Results indicated that African Americans and female students were more likely to contact the school counselor for college […]

Trait Reader

I finished your book today and thought it was truly amazing! When I read Level 3 it put everything into perspective and has me thinking not only about others but also a lot about myself and where I fall into these categories. This book like the other ( Mind Set, Go! ) is great for […]