Advocacy Competencies for Professional School Counselors.

The American School Counselor Association National Model describes advocacy as a key role for professional school counselors, and numerous advocacy activities are presented in the model. Several authors have contributed to the literature on advocacy; however, the literature and the National Model do not delineate the dispositions, knowledge, and skills required for advocacy. The purpose […]

Career Decision Making

Keeping up with new developments in vocational psychology is important to both psychological practitioners and researchers. This volume is devoted to presenting and evaluating important advances in the field of career decision making, development, and maturity. More specifically, it identifies, reports, and evaluates significant contemporary developments in vocational psychology and provides both professional workers and […]

Comprehensive School Counseling Programs and Academic Achievement–a Rejoinder to Brown and Trusty.

In this brief article, the author responds to Brown and Trusty’s assertion that based on the deficiencies of existing comprehensive school counseling program (CSCP) research, school counselors need not focus their time and effort on showing causal connections between their programs and measures of student academic achievement. Rather than defending the specific merits of the […]

How to Think

“Absolutely splendid . . . essential for understanding why there is so much bad thinking in political life right now.” —David Brooks, New York TimesHow to Think is a contrarian treatise on why we’re not as good at thinking as we assume—but how recovering this lost art can rescue our inner lives from the chaos of […]

Judgment and Decision Making

Behavioral decision research offers a distinctive approach to understanding and improving decision making. It combines theory and method from multiple disciples (psychology, economics, statistics, decision theory, management science). It employs both empirical methods, to study how decisions are actually made, and analytical ones, to study how decisions should be made and how consequential imperfections are. […]

Collaborative Action Research and School Counselors.

Collaborative action research is an effective tool for helping school counselors to strengthen the link between practice and research. Action research methods for school counselors are summarized, and a model for collaborative action research linking counselor training and school counselor practitioners is presented. The model is based on ongoing action research projects currently being carried […]

Drunk Tank Pink

A revelatory look at how our environment unconsciously yet dramatically shapes the judgments and decisions we make every day Most of us go through life believing that we are in control of the choices we make—that we think and behave almost independently from the world around us. But as Drunk Tank Pink illustrates, the truth […]

Strategic Decision Making

Making strategic decisions is a fundamental skill for leaders and managers. However, in a business environment that is in a constant state of change, making strategic decisions has never been more difficult. Strategic Decision Making addresses this challenge by providing a framework that can be used to make sound decisions in an uncertain world. Structured […]

Introduction to Special Issue: The School Counselor As Leader (Editorial)

Following more than a decade of influence by the Transforming School Counseling Initiative (Education Trust, 1998, 2007) that promoted a new vision of school counselors as assertive advocates and social activists (House & Hayes, 2002; House & Martin, 1998; Martin, 2002), professional school counselors are currently in a pivotal role to collaboratively lead school transformation […]