Collaborative Relationships: School Counselors and Non-School Mental Health Professionals Working Together to Improve the Mental Health Needs of Students (Perspectives FROM THE FIELD)

Fifty-three school counselors and administrators employed in middle and high school settings were surveyed regarding their thoughts about school districts working collaboratively with non-school mental health professionals to respond to the mental health needs of students. In addition, the survey sought to understand what school counselors and their hiring principals/vice principals regard as the roles […]

Site-Based Decision-Making: Views from Secondary School Personnel (Report)

With the implementation of site-based decision-making occurring in schools, an understanding of the views of secondary school principals and of secondary school teachers would provide valuable information. In the study, six principals and six teachers, from either high performing or low performing schools, were purposefully selected for their views of site-based decision-making at their respective […]

Transitioning to High School: Issues and Challenges for African American Students.

Although there is a growing body of literature on students’ transition from middle school to high school, much of the literature fails to take into consideration the distinctive racial and environmental circumstances of African American students. This article reviews literature related to the transitioning of African American students and discusses the unique challenges that African […]

Evaluating Discover’s Effectiveness in Enhancing College Students’ Social Cognitive Career Development (Career Decision-Making Self-Efficacy)

College students (20 women, 14 men) seeking career counseling services at a university career center participated in this exploratory investigation. A 2 (DISCOVER treatment) X 2 (counseling treatment) research design was used to evaluate the individual and combined effects of DISCOVER (ACT, 1998) and counseling on participants’ career decision-making self-efficacy and career decision-making attributional style. […]

Effects of a Values Clarification Curriculum on High School Students’ Definitions of Success.

Fifty-four students in a suburban, Midwest high school participated in a four-part values clarification curriculum. The majority of the students in the experimental group expanded their definitions of success. Student evaluations, focus group reports, and student journals indicated additional positive outcomes. The authors suggest implications for further research, and they offer suggestions to school counselors […]


Your colleague’s husband’s sister can make you fat, even if you don’t know her. A happy neighbor has more impact on your happiness than a happy spouse. These startling revelations of how much we truly influence one another are revealed in the studies of Drs. Christakis and Fowler, which have repeatedly made front-page news nationwide. […]

Social Skills Efficacy and Proactivity Among Native American Adolescents.

This article discusses Native American urban adolescents’ construal of social skills, and relationships between these skills and proactivity behaviors as identified in the Integrative Contextual Model of Career Development (Lapan, 2004). Recommendations that build upon the social skills strengths of Native American young people are included. ********** Download Now Read Online