Career Development for Adolescents and Young Adults with Mental Retardation.

Career development activities by professional school counselors at the elementary, middle, and high school levels can help students with mental retardation make meaningful career choices as adults. School counselors can be advocates and providers of career development activities that link the individualized educational process for students with disabilities to career success. Career development activities that […]

Neuroscience of Decision Making

The intersection between the fields of behavioral decision research and neuroscience has proved to be fertile ground for interdisciplinary research. Whereas the former is rich in formalized models of choice, the latter is rife with techniques for testing behavioral models at the brain level. As a result, there has been the rapid emergence of progressively […]

Bioterrorism Preparedness: What School Counselors Need to Know.

Bioterrorism within the United States is a continuing threat. Because children and adolescents are among the most vulnerable populations during a bioterrorist attack, school counselors must be prepared with knowledge and skills. This article provides pertinent information including (a) a description of bioterrorism and biological agents, (b) the psychological impact of bioterrorism, (c) school counselors’ […]

The Compass of Pleasure

A leading brain scientist’s look at the neurobiology of pleasure-and how pleasures can become addictions. Whether eating, taking drugs, engaging in sex, or doing good deeds, the pursuit of pleasure is a central drive of the human animal. In The Compass of Pleasure Johns Hopkins neuroscientist David J. Linden explains how pleasure affects us at […]

Addressing the Sexualization of Girls Through Comprehensive Programs, Advocacy, And Systemic Change: Implications for Professional School Counselors (Report)

While today’s girls are learning that they can achieve at the highest educational and professional levels, they also receive strong cultural messages that portray girls and women according to limiting sexual stereotypes. The trend toward the sexualization of girls is increasing in contemporary culture and can negatively impact girls’ academic, career, and personal development. In […]

The Sacred Enneagram

As featured on the For the Love podcast with Jen Hatmaker, Typology podcast with Ian Morgan Cron, and Sleeping At Last podcast with Ryan O’Neal. How to understand the ‘why’ behind your enneagram type. Chris Heuertz’ life was forever changed after he learned about the enneagram 15 years ago, and since then he has trained […]