Cognitive Appraisal, Coping Behaviors, and Decisional Outcomes in Women Making a Treatment Decision for Their Increased Risk of Breast Cancer

This cross-sectional descriptive correlational study was conducted to examine the relationships between and among the threat of breast cancer (objective and subjective risk), subjective stress, decisional conflict (uncertainty and factors associated with uncertainty), type of coping (approach and avoidance coping behaviors), and decisional outcome (treatment choice and decision effectiveness) in women making a treatment choice for their increased […]

Experiences of Latino Children Attending Rural Elementary Schools in the Southeastern U.S.: Perspectives from Latino Parents in Burgeoning Latino Communities.

A qualitative study, using focus groups of Latino parents living in a rural Southeastern U.S. community, was conducted to explore the experiences of elementary-school-aged Latino children. Using the consensual qualitative research method to analyze participants’ responses, this study identified four general themes that impact Latino children in these communities: (a) school/teacher characteristics and resources, (b) […]

The Recovering

INSTANT NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER“An astounding triumph . . . Profound . . . Achingly wise . . . A recovery memoir like no other.” —Entertainment Weekly (A)“Riveting . . . Beautifully told.” —Boston Globe“An honest and important book . . . Vivid writing and required reading.” –Stephen King“Perceptive and generous-hearted . . . Uncompromising […]

The Effect of Surgical Office-Based Thyroid Ultrasound on Clinical Decision Making (Clinical Report)

An important diagnostic tool for the evaluation of thyroid disease, thyroid ultrasound has recently become available for use in surgical offices. The purpose of this report is to determine the lesional sensitivity of office-based thyroid ultrasound and its impact on clinical decision making. Surgical office-based thyroid ultrasound was performed on 49 consecutive patients who presented […]

Urban Service Providers’ Perspectives on School Responses to Gay, Lesbian, And Questioning Students: An Exploratory Study (Report)

Perspectives regarding bullying of gay, lesbian, and questioning (GLQ) students were obtained from 16 school and community service providers in this exploratory study. Insights were gained regarding in-school responses to homophobic bullying threats beyond traditional punishments (e.g., suspension). Barriers to developing safe schools for GLQ students included passive school personnel, a conservative religious climate, victim […]


“Every great man is a unique”.  R.W Emerson told us that Self-confidence is always about independence :  “What I must do is all that concerns me, not what the people think. This rule, equally arduous in actual and in intellectual life, may serve for the whole distinction between greatness and meanness. It is the harder […]

“No Child Left Behind”: Implications for School Counselors (No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 )

In this qualitative study, 210 school counselors responded to a Web-based national survey exploring the effects of the No Child Left Behind legislation. They described how much they knew about the legislation, outlined the positive and negative effects of the legislation on their school counseling programs, and detailed their role in the testing process. Implications […]

A Recipe for Bias: An Empirical Look at the Interplay Between Institutional Incentives and Bounded Rationality in Prosecutorial Decision Making.

I. INTRODUCTION Prosecutors wield tremendous power, which is kept in check by a set of unique ethical obligations. (2) They must prosecute offenders and do so with vigor. At the same time, they must serve as ministers of justice charged with considering the interests of the very defendants they prosecute. (3) In this Article, I […]