The Dyslexic Advantage

Two neurolearning experts reveal the hidden benefits of having a dyslexic brain. In this paradigm-shifting book, neurolearning experts Drs. Brock and Fernette Eide describe an exciting new brain science that reveals that dyslexic people have unique brain structure and organization. While the differences are responsible for certain challenges with literacy and reading, the dyslexic brain […]

The Rule of Law in the United Nations Security Council Decision-Making Process

The UN Security Council is entrusted under the UN Charter with primary responsibility for the maintenance and restoration of the international peace; it is the only body with the power to authorise military intervention legally and impose international sanctions where it decides. However, its decision-making process has hitherto been obscure and allegations of political bias […]

Low-Income African-American Caregivers’ Experiences of Being Referred to Mental Health Services by the School Counselor: Implications for Best Practices (Report)

Referring students for mental health care is a core job function for school counselors, and one that is often stressful for all parties involved. In this phenomenological study, six low-income African-American caregivers were interviewed about their experiences of having a son or grandson referred for mental health care by the school counselor. Issues of how […]

Environmental Types

Anyone who has gained insights from Carl Jung’s psychological types or the MBTI® will enjoy this book. Environmental Types explores the “personalities” of the everyday settings with which and in which people interact. Employing the familiar settings in children’s stories, as envisioned by Disney®, the book begins with a scholarly rationale for the work and […]

Cyber-Communication: Finding Its Place in School Counseling Practice, Education, And Professional Development (Perspectives FROM THE FIELD)

Cyber–or computer-mediated communication is transforming school counselor education in curriculum delivery, supervision, and professional development, as well as changing the nature of interactions among counselors, school personnel, parents, counselor educators, students, and field supervisors. This article describes how new technologies are influencing school counseling practice and helping counselor educators to train the next generation of […]

The Antidote

Self-help books don’t seem to work. Few of the many advantages of modern life seem capable of lifting our collective mood. Wealth—even if you can get it—doesn’t necessarily lead to happiness. Romance, family life, and work often bring as much stress as joy. We can’t even agree on what “happiness” means. So are we engaged […]

The Routines of Decision Making

Experience is currently a hot theme in decision making. For a long time, decision research was almost exclusively focused on new decisions and neglected the importance of experience. It took the field until the 1990s for a new direction in research and theorizing to become visible in the literature. There are parallel movements happening in […]

Gender Differences in Holland Vocational Personality Types: Implications for School Counselors (Report)

The vocational development of inner-city adolescents is often impaired by a number of factors. These factors include a lack of opportunity related to low socioeconomic status (41.6% of all Americans who live in poverty live in the inner cities; Dreier, 2004); lower high school graduation rates, with overall graduation rates of inner-city adolescents less than […]

The Cases That Haunt Us

America’s foremost expert on criminal profiling provides his uniquely gripping analysis of seven of the most notorious murder cases in the history of crime — from the Whitechapel murders to JonBenet Ramsey — often contradicting conventional wisdom and legal decisions. Jack the Ripper. Lizzie Borden. The Zodiac Killer. Certain homicide cases maintain an undeniable, almost […]