Judicial Decision-Making in Litigation (Medicolegal Issues)

In professional liability claims, health care providers may be confused or frustrated about a judge’s perceived failure to address the merits of the claim. The source of frustration may be that a judge allows unmeritorious claims, accepts medical theories and arguments of questionable basis and support, or accepts testimony or positions taken by noncredible opponents. […]

Supporting Latino and African-American Students in Advanced Placement Courses: A School Counseling Program’s Approach (Perspective FROM THE Field) (Report)

Traditionally, Latino and African-American students have been underrepresented in Advanced Placement courses. However, professional school counselors work to remove barriers to all students’ success. This article (a) identifies challenges that Latino and African-American students encounter in accessing Advanced Placement courses, (b) reviews the role of professional school counselors in serving traditionally disenfranchised student populations, and […]


NEUROSCIENCE, NEUROPSYCHOLOGY, NEUROPSYCHIATRY, BRAIN & MIND:  Primer, Overview & Introduction 14  Overview of the Brain and Mind: Functional Localization 14 Localization & Functional Neuroanatomy Of The Brain 18 The Old Cortex & the New Cortex 20 Primary Receiving Areas 23 Frontal Lobe Monitoring of Activity 27 Knowing Yet Not Knowing: Disconnected Consciousness 28 The Visual […]

Decision Making for Complex Socio-Technical Systems

The long-term governance of radioactive waste continues to be a major complex and contentious socio-technical issue worldwide. Traditionally, it has been considered as mainly a challenge to scientists and engineers to develop technical “solutions” to specific problems. But increasingly these narrow solutions have been enlarged by wider societal considerations such as ethics, public involvement, control […]

Development of an Instrument to Assess the Counseling Needs of Elementary School Students.

The assessment of students’ counseling needs as an integral component of development and implementation of an effective school counseling program is widely recognized. Unfortunately, however, this mandate has been hindered by lack of a psychometrically sound measure of students’ counseling needs. Therefore, the Intermediate Elementary Students Counseling Needs Survey was created to alleviate this situation. […]

A Closer Examination of Bipolar Disorder in School-Age Children.

Children who present with severe behavioral concerns may be diagnosed as having other commonly diagnosed childhood disorders, such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, oppositional defiant disorder, and/or conduct disorder, among others, when they may be suffering from early-onset bipolar disorder. Awareness of the symptoms of early-onset bipolar disorder may lead to appropriate referrals for assessment […]

Critical CIO Management Skills: Decision Making Skills That Every CIO Needs to Have in Order to Be Able to Make the Right Choices

What does it really mean to be a CIO? You sure won’t be writing any software any more. You won’t be stringing network cables or updating firewall parameters. What does a CIO really do? I’ve got some bad news for you: CIOs manage. What You’ll Find Inside:* IT JUDGMENT CALLS: HOW TO MAKE GOOD ONES* […]