Culturally Congruent Strategies for Addressing the Behavioral Needs of Urban, African American Male Adolescents.

Urban, African American male adolescents experience disproportionately higher rates of discipline referrals, suspension, and expulsion, which have been attributed to numerous ecological factors, including cultural conflicts and misunderstandings between the student’s culture of origin and school. Efforts to reduce discipline problems must recognize that a reciprocal relationship exists between cultural thought and the expression of […]

Decision Making in Timber Production, Harvest, and Marketing

Clawson explores the issues related to timber management with a particular focus on the harvesting of timber stands in Decision Making in Timber Production, Harvest and Marketing. Originally published in 1977, her study considers biological, economic and management implications of timber growing as well as the decision-making process in U.S forest Situations including methods of […]

Counselor Confirmation of Middle School Student Self-Reports of Bullying Victimization (Report)

School counselors frequently use self-report surveys to assess bullying despite little research on their accuracy. In this study, counselor follow-up interviews found that only 24 (56%) of 43 middle school students who self-identified as victims of bullying could be confirmed as actual victims. Other students described peer conflicts that did not constitute bullying, mismarked the […]

The Blue Zones of Happiness

New York Times best-selling author Dan Buettner reveals the surprising secrets of what makes the world’s happiest places—and shows you how to apply these lessons to your own life.      In this inspiring guide, you’ll find game-changing tools drawn from global research and expert insights for achieving maximum fulfillment. Along the way, you’ll: • Discover the three strands of […]

Stretching Leadership: A Distributed Perspective for School Counselor Leaders (Report)

Leadership is a central role of the school counselor. However, this role is often intimidating to school counselors and school counseling students when viewed as a solitary undertaking. In contrast to the view that leadership is an individual responsibility, the distributed leadership perspective offers a counterview in which school leadership is stretched over multiple leaders. […]

Hurry Down Sunshine

HURRY DOWN SUNSHINE TELLS THE STORY OF THE extraordinary summer when, at the age of fifteen, Michael Greenberg’s daughter was struck mad. It begins with Sally’s visionary crack-up on the streets of Greenwich Village, and continues, among other places, in the out-of-time world of a Manhattan psychiatric ward during the city’s most sweltering months. “I […]

Errors in Evidence-Based Decision Making

This is a research methods textbook for students who fear research textbooks. The diversity of topics in this book permits application to research methods courses in these academic fields: Economics, Education, Political Science, Psychology, and Sociology. This should be the first book for all students to introduce research and develop “research literacy”. Download Now Read […]

Resources for School Counselors and Counselor Educators: The Center for School Counseling Outcome Research.

The Center for School Counseling Outcome Research (CSCOR) was founded in January 2003 to provide leadership in promoting quality school counseling research and to give practicing school counselors ready access to relevant research in order for them to make effective program decisions. CSCOR currently is the foremost national research facility supporting the school counseling profession. […]