Beyond College for All: Policies and Practices to Improve Transitions Into College and Jobs. (Special Issues: Career Development and the Changing Workplace).

In the past two decades, changes in the U.S. economy have altered the requirements for both college and work, with important implications for school counselors whose job it is to provide information and guidance to students with regard to personal, academic, and career options. The unfortunate tendency has been for educators to assume that the […]

Comprehensive School Counseling Programs, Job Satisfaction, And the ASCA National Model (Report)

This study examined the level of school counselor job satisfaction and implementation of comprehensive school counseling programs in secondary schools in one state. Participants included 103 secondary school counselors selected using a cluster sampling of Michigan public school districts. The Job in General (JIG) scale was used to measure their job satisfaction. The Comprehensive School […]

Wastewater Reuse – Risk Assessment, Decision-Making and Environmental Security

This North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Advanced Research Workshop (ARW) was devoted to Wastewater Reuse – Risk Assessment, Decision-Making and Environmental Security held in Istanbul, Turkey, at the Hotel Villa Suites, Taksim during October 12–16, 2006. More than 100 scientists had requested to parti- pate but only 63 could attend the meeting representing 20 countries—Azerbaijan, […]

Examining Variation in Attitudes Toward Aggressive Retaliation and Perceptions of Safety Among Bullies, Victims, And Bully/Victims (Report)

This article examines the link between involvement in bullying, as either a bully, victim, or bully/victim, and attitudes toward violence and perceptions of safety among 16,012 middle and high school students. Analyses indicated that 37.6% were frequently involved in bullying. Bully/victims were the most likely to report feeling unsafe and disconnected from their school, whereas […]

How to Analyze People on Sight (Illustrated + FREE audiobook download link)

FEATURES:      •     Includes beautiful artworks and illustrations      •     A link of an audiobook to download at the end of the book      •     Active Table of Contents for an easy navigation within the book      •     Manually coded and crafted by professionals for highest formatting quality and standards Check out ngims Publishing’s other illustrated literary classics. The […]

The School Counselor Activity Rating Scale: An Instrument for Gathering Process Data.

The importance of collecting process data describing school counselor practice is widely supported as a component of accountability. However, the lack of practically significant and valid instruments may hamper this practice. The School Counselor Activity Rating Scale was designed to measure how school counselors actually spend their time versus how they would prefer to spend […]