The Upward Spiral

Depression can feel like a downward spiral, pulling you into a vortex of sadness, fatigue, and apathy. In The Upward Spiral, neuroscientist Alex Korb demystifies the intricate brain processes that cause depression and offers a practical and effective approach to getting better. Based on the latest research in neuroscience, this book provides dozens of straightforward […]

Academic Achievement Among Caribbean Immigrant Adolescents: The Impact of Generational Status on Academic Self-Concept.

Caribbean American immigrant students, who represent one of the largest subgroups in the Black population in the United States, exhibit low achievement scores and high dropout rates, which are both correlated with lifelong negative employment and psychosocial outcomes. To understand how immigrant status may impact academic achievement in this population, this study had 200 Caribbean […]

Student Risk-Taking Behaviors: When Do School Counselors Break Confidentiality?(Report)

A total of 204 middle and high school counselors from across the United States responded to a survey in which they were asked to determine whether they view specific adolescent risk-taking behaviors of varying intensity, frequency, and duration as warranting parental notification. Results suggest that counselors’ perceptions that it is ethical to break confidentiality and […]

The Rise

From celebrated art historian, curator, and teacher Sarah Lewis, a fascinating examination of how our most iconic creative endeavors—from innovation to the arts—are not achievements but conversions, corrections after failed attempts. The gift of failure is a riddle: it will always be both the void and the start of infinite possibility. The Rise—part investigation into […]

School and Family Counselors Work Together to Reduce Fighting at School.

To address the problem of fighting in four urban middle schools, school and family counselors collaborated to provide school-based multifamily counseling as an alternative to the mandatory 3-day external suspension program. Supported by district leaders and local school principals, the program was successful in reducing fighting recidivism rates. This article provides an overview of program […]