Mental Capacity in Relationship

Recent legal developments challenge how valid the concept of mental capacity is in determining whether individuals with impairments can make decisions about their care and treatment. Kong defends a concept of mental capacity, but argues that such assessments must consider how relationships and dialogue can enable or disable the decision-making abilities of these individuals. This […]

Ethics in Psychology and Counseling

A concise demonstration of Ethics codes, according to the APA and ACA, both of which enables clarification for members and to those they serve. At least one example of my understanding and analysis is given for most of the ACA codes. Among them are:A: The Counseling RelationshipB: ConfidentialityC: Professional ResponsibilityD: Relationships with Other ProfessionalsG: Research […]

The Third Lens

Advancing new sense-making tools for organizational strategy, this book demonstrates how to deal with asymmetric threats and opportunities. It employs participatory methods and multiple sector strategies to shift strategic thinking into considering disorder complexity and chaos. The contributors examine whether the ‘third lens’ or ontology of a project (its nature, work and strategic landscape) should […]

Child and Adolescent Counseling Case Studies

Includes highly effective creative and expressive interventions This state-of-the-art collection of 30 real-life cases on counseling children and adolescents emphasizes the developmental, relational, and cultural contexts of working with this population, and incorporates innovative techniques across a wide range of approaches. Intended as a companion to child and adolescent counseling texts, it offers counselors-in-training examples […]

Know Your Gene: Perfect Guide to Genetic Test, Genetic Counseling, Genetic Diseases, Symptoms and Prevention

This is a book written for everyone in mind. It offers great advice on genetic diseases and genetic tests by  impacting the right knowledge and attitude to people to visit clinics as regard prenatal screening and genetic counselling. It also aims to identify and recommend possible solution to genetic disorders.       Knowledge in the general population about genetic […]

Pairwise Comparison Matrices and their Fuzzy Extension

This book offers the first comprehensive and critical literature review of fuzzy pairwise comparison methods derived from methods originally developed for crisp pairwise comparison matrices. It proposes new fuzzy extensions of these methods and provides a detailed study of the differences and analogies between all the reviewed methods, as well as a detailed description of […]