La teoria della centralità nel counseling – Vol 2

Questo libro è stato scritto con lo scopo di condividere, con chi è interessato alla relazione d’aiuto, alcune riflessioni annotate dagli autori nel corso della loro pratica professionale. È stato possibile sperimentare“sul campo” una metodica operativa, semplice e di comprovato effetto nella gestione del percorso di counseling. La forma espositiva prescelta, ricca di riferimenti e […]

Misplaced Talent

High-value talent management must be relevant to today’s workplace Misplaced Talent takes a hard look at the cluttered field of Talent Management, and offers a clear guide to making better people decisions in any organization. Deliberately challenging practitioners to do more, this insightful discussion sorts through the tools and techniques developed over the last century […]

The Other Side of Normal

In this enthralling work of popular science, respected Harvard psychiatrist Jordan Smoller addresses one of humankind’s most enduring and perplexing questions: What does it mean to be “normal?” In The Other Side of Normal, Smoller explores the biological component of normalcy, revealing the hidden side of our everyday behaviors—why we love what we love and […]

Make Up Your Mind

A proven decision-making system guides readers to the right choice every time Make Up Your Mind provides author Hal Mooz’s proprietary system for decision making. This approach consists of three decision-making models, including: the Decision Type Model, which characterizes what is at stake with any decision; the Decision Solution Model, which frames the most suitable […]

Court Ordered Counseling: An Ethical Minefield for Psychotherapists.

Abstract Psychotherapists who enter a relationship where therapy is used as punishment (TAP) are entering an ethical minefield littered with serious threats to professional psychotherapy. Ethical concerns relating to confidentiality, dual relationships, and informed consent require that the psychotherapist be extremely vigilant in avoiding ethical violations that are inconsistent with the well-established professional procedures in […]

Henry’s Demons

On a cold February day two months after his twentieth birthday, Henry Cockburn waded into the Newhaven estuary outside Brighton, England, and nearly drowned. Voices, he said, had urged him to do it. Nearly halfway around the world in Afghanistan, journalist Patrick Cockburn learned from his wife, Jan, that his son had suffered a breakdown […]

Practice and Research in Career Counseling and Development–2007 (Annual Review)

This annual review of the research and practice literature related to career counseling and development during 2007 is presented in 9 areas: professional issues, career assessment, career development, career theory and concepts, career interventions, advances in technology, personnel selection and job placement, international perspectives, and book reviews. Professional issues of a multicultural, multiethnic, and diversified […]