After his first panic attack in his mid twenties the fabric of his reality started to fray. This is not a self-help book but a memoir of one man’s battle to over come his inner demons that fuelled his anxiety disorder. Follow along as he confronts suicide and his apprehension with getting help. Now at […]

Chromosome Abnormalities and Genetic Counseling

Even as classic cytogenetics has given way to molecular karyotyping, and as new deletion and duplication syndromes are identified almost every day, the fundamental role of the genetics clinic remains mostly unchanged. Genetic counselors and medical geneticists explain the “unexplainable,” helping families understand why abnormalities occur and whether they’re likely to occur again. Chromosome Abnormalities […]

Fuzzy and Multi-Level Decision Making: Soft Computing Approaches

This book offers a comprehensive overview of cutting-edge approaches for decision-making in hierarchical organizations. It presents soft-computing-based  techniques, including fuzzy sets, neural networks, genetic algorithms and particle swarm optimization, and shows how these approaches can be effectively used to deal with problems typical of this kind of organization. After introducing the main classical approaches applied […]

Counseling Alimentare. Come motivare le persone a modificare le abitudini alimentari

Secondo l’Organizzazione Mondiale della Sanità «Il counselling è un processo che, attraverso il dialogo e l’interazione, aiuta le persone a risolvere e gestire problemi e a prendere decisioni; esso coinvolge un “cliente” e un “counselor”. Il primo è un soggetto che sente il bisogno di essere aiutato, il secondo è una persona esperta, imparziale, non […]

Quarterlife Crisis

While the midlife crisis has been thoroughly explored by experts, there is another landmine period in our adult development, called the quarterlife crisis, which can be just as devastating. When young adults emerge at graduation from almost two decades of schooling, during which each step to take is clearly marked, they encounter an overwhelming number […]

Decision-making in Humanitarian Operations

This book brings together research in humanitarian operations, behavioral operations and dynamic simulation. Part I outlines the main characteristics and strategic challenges of humanitarian organizations in preparedness, knowledge management, climate change and issues related to refugees and social inclusion. Part II gives an introduction to behavioral operations and experiments in single- and multi-agent settings, followed […]

Counseling Skills for Teachers

By necessity, today’s teachers do much more than deliver instruction. In the classroom, on the playground, or even in the parking lot, teachers are often called upon to respond quickly and appropriately to students’ social and emotional needs, drawing from instinct more than anything else. In this second edition of the bestselling Counseling Skills for […]

Mental Health Retrosight

This study examines the impacts arising from neuroscience and mental health research going back 20–25 years, and identifies attributes of the research, researchers or research setting that are associated with translation into patient benefit, in the particular case of schizophrenia. The study combined two methods: forward-tracing case studies to examine where scientific advances of 20 […]

Documentation for Rehabilitation- E-Book

Ensure confident clinical decisions and maximum reimbursement in a variety of practice settings such as acute care, outpatient, home care, and nursing homes with the only systematic approach to documentation for rehabilitation professionals! Revised and expanded, this hands-on textbook/workbook provides a unique framework for maintaining evidence of treatment progress and patient outcomes with a clear, […]