A Course of Love

It may be astonishing to hear that there is a continuation of A Course in
Miracles, but it is true. Forty years ago Jesus dictated ACIM to the scribe
Helen Schucman. More recently, over three years, he similarly dictated A
Course of Love to Mari Perron. Students of ACIM will recognize the Voice.
Students of truth, whatever their background, will find that ACOL resonates
with the heart.

In A Course of Love Jesus says: “This time we take a direct approach, an
approach that seems at first to leave behind abstract learning and the
complex mechanisms of the mind that so betray you. We take a step away from
intellect, the pride of the ego, and approach this final learning through
the realm of the heart. This is why, to end confusion, we call this course A
Course of Love.” (Prelude.44)

ACIM and ACOL are complementary. The same Voice, more accessible. The same
thought system, expanded. ACOL gently brings about union of heart and
mind-and a direct experience of Truth. 

Like all non-dual teachings, ACOL is not about adding to one s life but
about un-doing the ties that bind us to what it calls the “house of
illusion.” In ACOL we are gently guided to awaken, step by loving step.

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