A Food Guide to Feeding Babies and Toddlers

Parents are bombarded with nutrition information every day. Many are confused about different and conflicting messages that they have received from various sources. 

In this book, Yuchi Yang, a registered dietitian and mother of two children, provides you with science-based information and practical tips in the following areas of child nutrition:

Recommended Food Intake for Babies and Toddlers;

Feeding Newborn Babies;

Introducing Solid Foods;

Building Healthy Eating Habits;

Healthy Weight.

Each chapter starts with some facts and ends with answers to some of the most frequently asked question. For example:

My baby and young children do not like vegetables. What can I do?

How do I introduce solid foods?

Can I start my child on a vegan diet?

My baby (or young child) looks a little bit chubby. What should I do?

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