A Rich Past and a Future Vision (Career Counseling in the Next Decade)

The National Career Development Association celebrated its 90th birthday at its recent summer conference. During that span of time, there has been significant development of theory, tools, and interventions as well as standards for the preparation of the members of the career development profession. The author reviews those accomplishments and suggests some needed directions for the immediate future. For this special issue, authors have been asked to review the strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities in the career counseling profession and, based on these, to make suggestions and predictions for the next decade. I approach this task by examining the profession in four areas: its theoretical base, its tools, its methods of intervention, and the preparation of its members. In each section, I summarize my view of that category as well as offer suggestions for the next decade. Although I am aware that public policy and legislation are also critical factors, I leave this domain to other authors who have greater expertise in that area.

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