Basics of Career Guidance and Counseling: How to Choose Your Best Career

In my introduction to this guidebook, i have expounded the principle objective of career guidance as chiefly to make learners understan their capacities and exploit their abilities in their special interests. In this rspect, therefore, i have underatken this project with a view to enjoin School Career Masters to assist students in choosing the right career in their formative years at school level.
More specifically, i have attempted to inform the student’ reader that there is an embroynic relationship between schooling and world of worl in the postschool life. Thus, career masters must duly inform their cahrges that there is a direct relationship between the school subjects we take, and that the type of careers we will aspire for after leaving school are determined the school subjects we excelled in and the grades we attainde in the final exam.
I have objectively also explored the workable definiton of the terms Career guidance and counseling with a view to assist school career masters in their insduction of their charges. In addtion, i have introduced some topical aspects of human resourses management for the purpose of enlightening the students on how the world of work operates; the reader is enjoined to look for a detailed information on this topic in my other book published here on smashwords titled- Basics of Human Resources in the Job Market: !

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