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Are you struggling to understand and be understood by other people (friends, family, dating, negotiations etc)? Do you want a virtual Xray that reveals what they may be thinking and emotions they’re betraying through body language and nonverbal communications? Would you like to level up your persuasion and seduction skills? Then this is the perfect book for you!

By learning to communicate, interpret and persuade on the nonverbal communication channel, we can better understand and be understood by those around us. Imagine the seemingly superpowers you’ll gain from having special insight into people’s minds and hearts? Because only you know this, how can you not stand out? Would this skill possibly help you in your job, business, close more sales, improve relationships, even help in your love and sex life perhaps?

This is a quick, but well written guide to acquiring the art and skill of body language communication! From general, to specific and context dependent body language communications–this book has it. It will also explain why body language is universal in most cases, which originates from both biological and environmental influences.

You will learn:

How you can change your emotions with body language
How to read and project body language cues for seduction, confidence, power
How to read facial signals
How to detect lies
How to make people like you
How to make people more comfortable with body language
Body language from different cultures
Body language and use of space and territories
and much, much more…

If you’re ready to level up your body language communication and persuasion?


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