Bringing Back Compassion, Counseling and Mental Health: Featured Presenter Dr. William Glasser Discusses Choice Theory, The New Reality Therapy with Annals.

William Glasser, M.D., developed his original Reality Therapy in 1965. Since then, he has been continually updating and expanding his counseling approach. Currently, all of his counseling is based on the Choice Theory he explains in his 1998 book, Choice Theory. His reality therapy has been upgraded in his 2001 book, Counseling with Choice Theory, the New Reality Therapy. Dr. Glasser has written 21 books, most published by HarperCollins, including his best-selling Reality Therapy (1965), Schools Without Failure (1969), Positive Addiction (1976), The Quality School (1990), The Quality School Teacher (1993), and Choice Theory in the Classroom (1998). In the last four years, he has written Choice Theory (1998), Counseling with Choice Theory (2001) (paperback edition of Reality Therapy in Action published in 2000), What Is This Thing Called Love? (2000), Getting Together and Staying Together (2000), Every Student Can Succeed (2000), Fibromyalgia (2001) and Unhappy Teenagers (2002).

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