Bullying: How To Cope With Bullying At School

Bullying can be a major problem for children. It is important that we help them learn to cope with bullying and develop skills to become resilient.
This ebook is a short guide to recognizing the problem and finding solutions that may suit your situation. In this guide we examine;
What is bullying?
How can bullying affect you?
How bullying affects others…
Why do people bully?
Signs of bullying.
Ways to approach the topic with your children.
Why are some kids bullied?
The bystander.
My child is a bully.
Schools can help.
Teaching your children.
Listening to your children.
Stay calm.
What do you want?
About ARC Counselling.

This ebook explains some signs and symptoms to look out for when you suspect your child may be being bullied, provides some useful strategies to talk to them and discusses ways you can interact with your child’s school to help the problem.

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