By Gospel Alone

The present work pursues an apologetic plea on behalf of the gospel. It would seem to many that the gospel is doing just fine, and we need to concentrate on other very pressing and important issues such as missions, evangelism, social justice, moral transformation, and change, just to name a few. But it will be our argument that no matter how good it may be with the gospel, and how many other pressing issues may exist, the church must continually articulate the gospel as the ever-pressing need of the day. And, by gospel we mean the doctrine of Christ's perfect God-pleasing life as empowered by the Spirit under the law, in order to be the Father's incarnate Lamb of God who takes away sin by his atoning reconciling death, for the justification of sinners by faith alone without their works, merits, or obedience before God. It is the doctrine of faith, grace, and Christ alone in order to be thus received and embraced by the lavish, abundant, and unconditional loving mercy of the triune God. Furthermore, we want to show that the Gospel provides a very practical framework to live in communion with God and with one another. It is indispensable for living, and for living such a life as it is daily delivered by God unto us sinners in the communication and apprehension of the Gospel as undeserved and unconditional, yet efficacious and transforming gift.

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