Camp Counseling: A Lesbian Erotica

This is going to be the worst summer ever. Danielle can’t wait for it to be over, she only needs the job before her last year as an undergrad. Everything seemed to be going great. New boyfriend, new job, and so close to graduation–but she has to finish the summer first.

Danielle thinks it will be terrible, until she meets her cabin mate, outgoing and muscular Samantha. 

Samantha is everything Danielle is afraid of. She’s brave, athletic, sweet, but most of all…hot.

Danielle thought surviving the summer would be hard enough. Now it’s impossible with this bombshell making her rethink her entire life and her own feelings.

Can Danielle push her feelings away or will the summer get too hot to handle?

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Camp Counseling: A Lesbian Erotica | psikologx | 4.5