Changing Lives Through Counseling

The information provided in this book is neither complete nor comprehensive. It is not designed to be all encompassing. Although, the contents are directed to the pastoral or Christian counselor, the purpose is to provide help to all counselors (from the beginner to the well-seasoned therapist), with helpful but brief thoughts about essential issues that take place between a counselor and counselee. I believe, that whatever truth is uncovered and made applicable to helping others through counseling is available for all to use, regardless of beliefs. These 101 concepts are a core sampling of the unlimited array of thoughts available to the pastoral counselor. What is pastoral counseling? Wayne E. Oates describes it best in his book, Pastoral Counseling. “It is acknowledging God as the third person in the counseling session, believing in the reality of God, and allowing conversation about faith in God. All three are characteristics that make counseling pastoral.”

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