Choices: Making an Informed Decision on Parenting

Many of our youth have strayed from the basic concepts of the family which our fore-parents worked painstakingly to achieve. For years many have ignored the need to provide a solid foundation for the continuity of our unique, and in some minds, mysterious ways of social living in the Caribbean. Some people have expressed the view that given our rich heritage, if our traditions are not carefully passed on, there will eventually be major erosion of what has been known and experienced as family life.
This book is not a parenting manual, but rather it is a guideline to assisting many of our young adults to become better at the task of parenting skills. As you read this book, I trust that you the reader will be inspired either as a parent, potential parent, mentor, or role model. I hope you will be encouraged to act in a manner which will bring the desired equilibrium to our communities, society, countries, and our region. It is our responsibility as adults to ensure that our youth are given the correct guidance, which will lead to the preservation of our legacy.

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