Comprehensive School Counseling Programs, Job Satisfaction, And the ASCA National Model (Report)

This study examined the level of school counselor job satisfaction and implementation of comprehensive school counseling programs in secondary schools in one state. Participants included 103 secondary school counselors selected using a cluster sampling of Michigan public school districts. The Job in General (JIG) scale was used to measure their job satisfaction. The Comprehensive School Counseling Implementation Measure (CSCIM), based on the ASCA National Model, was used to measure the level of implementation of a comprehensive school counseling program in their schools. The individual items “administrative support” and “facilitating communication between staff” on the CSCIM showed high correlations with job satisfaction, while moderate to high correlations were found in the items “serving all students,” “clearly written and defined program philosophy,” and “creating time for planning and evaluating the program.” This article discusses limitations of this study and suggested directions for further research. **********

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