Corporate Bravery

American culture has become a culture of fear. Parenting methods and advertising messages scream for safety. Terrorism’s threat and the government’s response both tell us to take cover. And, of course, social media’s unending streams perpetually magnify it all.

In this societal context, our business cultures, too, have become cultures of fear. Mistrust is rising between management and co-workers, all seeking to protect personal interests. Advisors push us toward fear-based caution, not opportunity-seeking strategy. External influences — from the media to regulators to competition — focus us on avoiding risks rather than moving boldly ahead. 

Corporate Bravery is a book about freeing your business from being a culture of fear. It starts by considering fear’s impact on decision-making. Then, it explores eight ways that fear can harm culture. Finally, through a three-step process, it shows how to foster a culture that supports engaged employees, provides opportunities for measured risk-taking and innovation, and rewards the brave leadership that drives business success.

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