Counseling Addicts & Offenders

Stop the Judiciary Merry-go-round! If you have counseled addicts, domestic violence, or other criminal offenders, you're familiar with the judicial merry-go-round of arrest, conviction, incarceration, release, arrest, etc. Knowing the consequences, why do they keep on doing the same things They actually process information distinctly different. Their cognitive and affective processes; their foundational beliefs, values, attitudes & life-commandments; & alas, their goals & motivations are all different. Attempting to correct their prevailing, life-controlling problems through behavior-modification therapy is much like trying to cover a festering wound with a band aid. Through this text you will learn to understand their mental processes; discover new intervention techniques and modalities that have proven successful; and learn how to select the most appropriate treatment setting. An essential resource for pastors, chaplains & forensic counselors & others working with this population.

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