Counseling At-Risk Afro-American Youth: An Examination of Contemporary Issues and Effective School-Based Strategies.

Many Afro-American children are considered to be “at-risk” due to a variety of social and economical factors. This article first reviews the (fleets of racism on Afro-American youth and examines the results of barriers caused by negative stereotyping within counseling services, schools, and communities. Next, a historical overview of issues and approaches used in counseling Afro-American youth in schools is presented, along with a discussion of the limitations of each. Lastly, practical implications for multicultural competence and effective contemporary interventions are recommended for school counselors to assist this population, via both direct counseling and consultation with other school, family, and community members. School counselors can utilize this information to enhance at-risk Afro-American students’ ethnic identity development, as well as academic, career, social, and personal growth. **********

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