Counselling in India

This volume provides a critical and reflexive view into the
counselling profession in India. Counselling and psychotherapy are emergent
fields in India; there is inadequate synergy between theory and practice at
present, as psychotherapy and counselling practice in the field have not
sufficiently informed research, and vice versa. While research on counselling,
the counselling process and training, and development of counsellors is
extremely vital for the growth of the profession, practitioners seldom feel the
need to wear the lens of the researcher.

Drawing upon primary research on
counsellors and psychotherapists in different parts of India, this volume
bridges this gap and discusses the personal and professional journeys of
counsellors at various stages of their career, which in turn facilitates
further research on counselling in India. The chapters discuss practical issues
like the challenges faced by novice counsellors, which contribute to feelings
of inadequacy and incompetence; synergy between the personal and professional
lives of counsellors and the effect of the counselling process on the self;
elements that go into training and how counselling education could be
positioned and developed; the use of creative arts in therapy; and the role of
school counsellors and the process of negotiating boundaries among various
stakeholders in the school system. The volume also examines ethical dilemmas in
the field, which have wider policy ramifications.

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