Counselling Psychology

This Book has been exhaustively researched and right here in America… This author has written this Book as a Hand-y-Book, a Quick Reference Book for all Individuals – counselors, physicians, professors, teachers, practitioners, psychologists, mental-health personnel, sociologist, social workers, religious teachers, etc…Groups – schools, universities, colleges (including community colleges), hospitals, agencies – government, private, public, etc… These individuals and group-organizations are directly affected and are interactive – first hand- by the influx of day to day multicultural experiences…as multiculturalism makes it presence felt upon mainstream American life. Diversity (Multiculturalism) is the clarion- call in todays society.

The mainstreaming of these cultures are demanding space, place and purpose. There are no more the dictates of a kind of mono-culturalism; for in this new twenty-first century DIVERSITY, is demanding equal voice. For further excerpts, please see the Statement of Purpose and the first chapter or Definitions, respectively.

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