Critical Thinking: 8 Powerful Strategies That Will Help You Improve Decision Making Skills, Think Fast and Clear!

On a daily basis, although we may not think about it, we are constantly using our critical analysis and decision making skills.  These two things are vital to our daily lives and are highly important to our cognitive functions.

Are you trying to expand the way you think?  Do you want to understand things faster, easier and more in depth?  Is it possible that you’re trying to improve your decision making skills?  Are you trying to think in a clearer, concise way?  You may not realize it but these are struggles and frustrations that many people have!  You’re not alone!  Thankfully, there are several strategies you can learn to implement into your life to vastly improve your critical thinking and decision making skills!

Whether you are attempting to improve your critical thinking skills for grad school or law school work or trying to improve your decision making skills, this book can be a great tool for you!  Maybe you are trying to learn more about how the critical thinking and decision making process works to educate yourself on the topic.  This book can, of course, help with that too!  This book is written with your desires and needs as the main focus! 

This book includes:

-An introduction to what critical thinking and decision making means

-A step-by-step, easy to understand process to assess your level and ability of critical thinking and decision making

-10 strategies to help you improve your skills

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