Critical Thinking

To keep up with the speed of business in today’s competitive environment, you need to act faster, get smarter, and be able to think on your feet. And that means you need a well-developed set of critical thinking skills. 

But what’s so important about critical thinking? People who excel at critical thinking are better able to understand the issues at hand, evaluate evidence, make rational decisions, and work efficiently with others. And that’s not all. A recent survey of executives ranked critical thinking as the #1 workplace competency, and the United States Department of Labor has labeled it as the foundation for key personal and workplace skills such as problem solving, decision making, creativity, and strategic planning. 

Critical Thinking is the primer that will help you to hone your skills. Filled with tips, techniques, and activities that will exercise your mind, this e-book will leave you well-equipped to find solutions to tricky problems, avoid emotional thinking, and work with others more effectively.

Here’s What You’ll Find
Activities and tools that provide valuable skill practice 
Case studies illustrating real-world scenarios
Practical applications to demonstrate key concepts
Action planning and strategies you can put to immediate use

Table of Contents
Characteristics of Critical Thinking
Critical Thinking Mistakes
The Critical Thinking Process
Case Studies
About the Author
About this Series

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