Cultural Diversity: Understanding the Complexities involved in Multi-Cultural Therapeutic Counseling

This master-level educational work in psychology demonstrates an understanding of cross-cultural traditions, customs and values with an emphasis on understanding effective counseling between different identity groups
It aims to increase awareness of the complex dynamics of identity and development. It also intends to clarify the understanding of a wide range of racial/ethnic groups as well as other groups (e.g. sexual orientation, disability, etc.) in order to compare cross-cultural clients and coping forces within their social groups and communities.
This study has been a wonderful and useful experience in my own practice and I have demonstrated here the need to be able to focus my learning and my teaching through this study of criminal behavioral treatment with a clear understanding of cultural traditions, customs and values paying particular attention to the understanding of effective approaches between different identity groups and how this influences the development of criminogenic behavior in order to foster a deeper understanding in the diagnosis and treatment of criminogenic behavior. 
I use this knowledge today, in my current practice as well as the teaching of my undergraduate as well as graduate students, specifically focused on etiology, diagnosis and collaboration with clients to determine the desired change in regarding their desired behavior change.

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