Deciding Weather to Fly

This textbook was written by a Commercially rated Helicopter and Airplane Pilot (ASEL & AMEL), a CFI and CFI-I for both, and a former Flight Paramedic of 15 years. This class is provocative, direct, and will address scenarios that have occurred this year; which had one of the largest death rates in the history of HEMS. We will teach the participant to make informed decisions about weather, learn to interpret weather, trends, synopses, and forecasts. We will address how to interpret METARS, FA's, and TAFS. Emergency survival skills will be addressed, as well as FAA Rules and Regulations concerning the HEMS environment. This book is the most needed book in the HEMS industry, and will aid the participant in making informed decisions, so they can decide whether a "go or no-go" is best. This textbook is PACKED with over 200 pages of FULL COLOR diagrams, pictures, and illustrations.

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