Decision Making

Making a decision about your career, your future, or the next step to take can be downright frustrating. Plenty of people are quick to put in their two cents to help you make a decision, but it can all add up to a lot of confusion! You have important life decisions to make, and in the midst of swirling opinions, you’re left scratching your head about what to do. Your best friend says one thing and your spouse says another, and you just can’t figure out what God wants. In the book, Decision Making, Christian counselor, June Hunt, walks you through the decision making process, helping you tackle life decisions with wisdom, confidence, and a lot of grace!
In the first section of Decision Making, June defines key parts of the decision making process, explaining what decision making really is, the role of our ‘will’ within it, and the meaning of “the Will of God” constantly mentioned within scripture.
She then prepares you to make the right choice by pointing out the characteristics of good decision making, providing you with the 6 methods of decision making and 8 practical tests for making right choices. She shows how to–
• Navigate through clouds of confusion.
• Overcome “natural” reactions that may hinder the decision making process.
Avoid common “decision” delays.
• Trade in anxiety caused by tough decisions for the peace of being in God’s will.
In the section titled, “Steps to Solution,” June Hunt explains–

• Over 15 practical ways to make a sound and wise decision.
• How to develop spiritual discernment.
What NOT to do when trying to make a good choice.
• How to avoid unhealthy expectations that trip up the decision making process.
• Biblical scriptures and examples of God’s promised guidance.

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