Decision Making And Soft Computing – Proceedings Of The 11th International Flins Conference

FLINS, originally an acronym for Fuzzy Logic and Intelligent Technologies in Nuclear Science, is now extended to Computational Intelligence for applied research. The contributions to the 11th of FLINS conference cover state-of-the-art research, development, and technology for computational intelligence systems, both from the foundations and the applications points-of-view.
Contents:Invited Lectures:The Contribution of Fuzzy Sets to Decision Sciences (D Dubois)Granular Fuzzy Systems: A New Direction in Soft Computing and Human Centric Decision-Making (Witold Pedrycz)Some Approaches Towards Lattice Computing in Mathematical Morphology and Computational Intelligence (Peter Sussner)Decision Making and Decision Support SystemsStatistics, Data Analysis and Data MiningFoundations of Computational IntelligenceSoft Computing and Applied ResearchIntelligent Systems and Knowledge EngineeringUncertainty ModelingIntelligent Information Processing
Readership: Graduate students, researchers, and academics in artificial intelligence/machine learning, information management, decision sciences, databases/information sciences and fuzzy logic.

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