Decision Making in a Nutshell

Of course you can make a decision…
But can you carry it through to the end?

For most people, making decisions is an unconscious activity. We find ourselves slammed against the wall by some pressing need and we react by making decisions that get us out of our predicament. That allows us to survive. But if we really want our lives to explode with meaning and excitement, we have to somehow learn to take control of the process.

This book not only gives you powerful insights into the underlying foundations of decision making, it provides a step by step system to help you take control of the decisions that guide your life. In this book you will learn:

∙How to distinguish between decisions and simple choices.

∙How to discern the underlying assumptions that influence your decisions.

∙How to make the transition from the “want to” of decision making to implementation.

∙How to create and use a six-step system that will put you in total control of your decision making process.

∙How to help other people make good decisions.

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