Deliberate Soccer Practice: 50 Passing & Possession Football Exercises to Improve Decision-Making

Soccer is in transition. There is now a growing trend away from ‘drills’, towards sessions that are more variable and which involve more decision making. But coaches have one burning question – how?

The ‘Deliberate Soccer Practice’ series shows coaches how to evolve their coaching sessions. It aims to ensure that players are ‘cognitively engaged’, with all players involved all of the time. It is about offering exercises which have players actively making regular contact with the ball, making decisions, changing decisions depending on what is happening, and moving to adapt to what the ball and other players are doing. That is the real game after all!

Aimed at football coaches of all levels, but with a particular emphasis on coaches who work with youth players, 50 Passing & Possession Football Exercises to Improve Decision-Making is comprised of 20 Technical Practices and 30 Possession Practices. They are carefully designed to be adaptable to suit the needs of the players you work with; to challenge them and give them decisions to make. The sessions look to make soccer complex and realistically difficult – no passing in queues from one cone to the next with no interference. Crucially, the exercises offer a means to accelerate player development effectively and enjoyably.

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