Development and Initial Investigation of the School Counseling Program Evaluation Scale (Report)

This article evaluates the initial psychometric qualities of the School Counseling Program Evaluation Survey (SCOPES). SCOPES is a 64-item instrument designed to correspond to The National Standards for School Counseling Programs (Campbell & Dahir, 1997). Coefficient alphas on the overall score and the three subscales (i.e., Academic, Career, and Personal/Social Development) were all above. 90. All items had significant factor loadings with the specified subscales. The loadings for Academic Development were .38 to . 79; for Career Development, .42 to .78; and for Personal/Social Development, .36 to. 70. The indexes of goodness-of-fit supported a three-factor instrument. Additionally, students with more contacts with their school counselor reported more career competencies than did students who had never met with a counselor. **********

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