Diary of a School Counsellor

As Vivienne begins work at Bridgeford State High School, she is shocked by the state of the school and the behaviours of the people around her. She sets about trying to makes things better for everyone around her, but she is met with profound difficulties in doing this on many levels… by many people.

Vivienne discovers many sordid tales about her colleagues and about people that live in the small town of Bridgeford, some of which will go to great lengths to make sure their secrets are safe. One such character is Wesley Wentworth, the school principal, who has been running Bridgeford High for many years. Wesley is a cruel and calculating character with many a dark secret.

Not all of the people around Vivienne are bad, and she discovers she has a few friends and admirers.

Diary of a School Counsellor is a unique look at what sometimes goes on in schools, and reveals that often the best behaved people in the school are the students…

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Diary of a School Counsellor | psikologx | 4.5