Don’t Get Scrooged

Don't Get Scrooged

Inside find helpful advice, such as:
Take a Vacation, Not a Guilt-Trip
Don’t Get “Should Upon”Hades or Homecoming?
Opt In- or Out-of Family EventsQuit Being Your Mother
Ban Worry from Your HolidaysIt’s Not Daytona—You’re Not Jeff Gordon
Don’t Try to Cook Tailgating Turkeys
Don’t Get Scrooged is a jewel of a handbook on how to avoid, appease, and even win over the Scrooges who haunt your holidays. Whether it’s the salesclerk who ignores you in favor of her cell phone, the customer who knowingly jumps ahead of you in line at Starbucks, the unnaturally irritable boss down the hall, or the in-laws who invite themselves (every year) for a two-week stay at your house, you will always need to deal with Scrooges, grumps, uninvited guests, sticks-in-the-mud, and supreme party poopers. Learning to handle them whenever and wherever they appear is not just optional—it’s essential.

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