Elementary School Counseling Lesson Plans and Tips from a Pro

This book, written in a clear, concise manner, by a professional school counselor, includes personal antedotes, tips, and fifty-one easy character education lesson plans which could be used with children ages eight to eleven. This text could be interesting reading for parents, elementary school teachers, girl scout troop leaders, coaches, principals, Sunday school teachers and superintendents in addition to school counselors. Any adult who has ever wondered, "What else can I teach the children entrusted to me today " could readily use these easy lesson plans which take little if any preparation. The author of this book is brutally honest. She includes stories of her own blunders and mistakes. Although the reader can see what the writer is trying to accomplish, this is not a preachy book. The real beauty of this text is that a novice to character education could pick up this book, and readily utilize these worthwhile lesson plans without any methods training.

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