Equally Yoked

During the past fifty years, Western culture has experienced a significant shift in its overall stance regarding multiethnic marriage. As a result, more North Americans than ever marry spouses whose ethnicity (or culture) differs from theirs. This trend also is observable in Christian circles. Unfortunately, few resources exist to help multiethnic couples maneuver through the potential minefield of cultural collision. The purpose of this volume is to provide such a resource. Equally Yoked examines the subject of multiethnic marriage from a biblical perspective, before considering a history of the practice in North America over the last four centuries. Additionally, this book surveys the challenges that multiethnic Christian couples frequently encounter, and offers premarital counseling propositions that will prove valuable to both counselors and couples who originate from diverse backgrounds.

“This book is one of a kind, and, therefore, a necessary read. I know of no other available volume that handles the matter of the marriage of racially dissimilar parties as well. Not only does the author show biblically that there is no ground for the rejection of such marriages (examining every pertinent Old Testament and New Testament passage), but it provides an enlightening survey of attitudes held and laws enacted toward such marriages over the entire history of America.”
–Jay Adams, Instructor, Institute for Nouthetic Studies

“Matt Akers has provided a wonderful resource on biblical counseling and multiethnic marriage. He gives solid biblical truths that will strengthen any relationship and then makes application to the challenges and blessings of combining cultures within the family. This outstanding resource is a must-have for counselors and for anyone interested in the subject. I heartily recommend this book.”
–Michael Spradlin, President, Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary

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