Sales objections, price bashing, the ‘economy excuse’, stalling tactics, gatekeepers from hell and elusive decision makers… If these are just some of the problems you’re currently facing as a sales person, then eselling® is the book for you. There’s got to be a better way than spending your time cold calling all day to drum up business. You don’t like it, your prospects and clients certainly don’t like it and it’s becoming less effective each and every year. Prospective clients are becoming more sales-savvy and street-wise when it comes to sales approaches. With the current economy and the cut-backs, the modern-day sales professional has their work cut out to make ends meet. eselling®, the revolutionary new book by Sales Futurist, Sean McPheat, utilises the power of the Internet to help you prospect more effectively, position yourself as an expert and will teach you how to listen out for new business opportunities and leads – without making another cold call! It’s the modern day sales professionals must-have resource to readdress the balance of power in this buyers marketplace. The book uses the Internet to help you network and prospect with key decision makers directly and to forge contacts within organisations who can get you to the key decision makers, use different types of media like video, audio and whitepapers to set you apart from the rest, use LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter in the right way without wasting your time… and much more.

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